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At Go Handmade we want to thank you for buying one of our products. We have compiled a list of good advice for you, to prepare you the best possible way for your sewing kit. We want you to have the best experience with products from Go Handmade. Enjoy!

Your sewing kit: 
  • All sewing kits can be sewn on a sewing machine or by hand. If you sew them together by hand, you must use small button hole stitches. 
  • Please notice! Sewing needle and glue are not included in the kit. 
  • Duck-sewing kit: The felt piece or fabric piece in the same color as the body of the duck is used as the body's bottom part.
  • In your sewing kit all fabric and felt parts are punched out ready to be sewn together. The punched out pieces will usually lie in layers in your kit (2 x body, 2 x ears, etc.). This can be difficult to see, so please remember to pull the pieces from each other. Take a look at the picture below. 

Metal wire as legs: In both 'Mouse sisters' and 'Duck family' metal wire is used for the legs. The metal wire makes the body bendable. Below you can read extra instructions for the 'Duck family', explaining how to make the legs and spine. 

Legs and spine:

  •  Cut the metal wire in two pieces. One piece for legs and feet, and one piece for the spine. In total two pieces of metal wire. (There is extra metal wire in the kit).

  • The length that needs to be cut of for the legs and spine depends on which duck you are sewing. (Look at the ducks metal wire lengths).
Begin with the metal wire for the legs and feet.
  • Bend the metal wire on the middle (so it has a V-shape).

  • Measure 10 cm. on each leg from the end and up (detail-picture 1).

  • The measured 10 cm. shall shape the duck’s foot. Shape the foot and bend approx. 1 cm around the duck’s leg. The foot shall have the same shape as the sole, just a bit smaller (so the feet fits in the shoe) (detail-picture 2).
Attach the spine to the bending of the legs.
  • Bend approx. 1 cm of the spine and hitch it to the legs. Squeeze them tightly together.

  • Bend the spine’s top end 1 cm. down and squeeze it so the metal wire’s ends are ‘closed’ (detail-picture 3)
You can now cover the legs with felt.
  • Begin with one of the feet. Sew the felt shred’s end around the metal wire, so the end is fastened (detail-picture 5+6).

  • Wind the felt around the feet and legs. Continue around the fastening of the spine to fasten the spine to the legs. When you have used one of the felt shreds then sew the end together with the end of the other felt shred. Continue with the winding (detail-picture 4).
Legs and spine are now done. 
  • Fill the duck’s head with filling.
  • Place the legs and spine in the body.
  • Be aware that the spine is always in the middle of the body, when you stuff the body with filling.
  • Sew the bottom part to the body (the bottom part is the fabric or felt in the same colour as the duck’s body).
  • Sew with small stitches the body and legs together, so the parts are attached.

See the detail-picture below. The numbers fit to the instructions. 

How your sewing kit looks from the inside. 
Below you can see a picture of how your sewing kit looks from the inside. 

In your kit pack: 1. Felt, fabric, tulle etc. are punched out in all kits // 2. Instructions // 3. Sewing thread // 4. In all Go Handmade kits there is a small wooden charm with 'Hand made' engraved // 5. Small pieces, like buttons, eyes, small felt parts will usually be in a small bag // 6. Metal wire // 7. Filling   

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